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In today's competitive construction economy, construction businesses are always looking to improve the picture that their financial statements paint to outside users.  Banks, leasing companies, sureties, customers and government agencies are looking closely at financial statements to assess the financial stability of contractors with which they do business. Key ratios, including those that impact liquidity, returns, profitability and leverage are often analyzed by users to determine the financial strength of contractors. The results can impact credit decisions, bonding lines, contract awards and prequalification decisions.

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Cloud Accounting 101

They seem to be everywhere! I’ve seen them at trade shows and association meetings. They have been seen advertising in accounting profession journals and their promotional emails have probably reached your mailbox. They are making a lot of noise!

They are the vendors selling cloud accounting solutions.

Are cloud accounting applications right for you and your clients? In this article, we’ll define cloud accounting and look at the risks and benefits.

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