Social Media Consulting Services

Social Media Consulting Services

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn is the largest and most popular social network for business professionals.  It is a great way to stay relevant to the members of your network and to help you find new business opportunities.

We offer LinkedIn training and coaching services to users of all levels. You will learn how to build a complete profile and become and active member of the LinkedIn community.  Our classes will teach you how to take advantage of the great research features included in LinkedIn.  We offer our classes as group presentations, hands on workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Other Social Media Services

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other social media sites are powerful marketing mediums that can be used to develop business opportunities and reach prospective customers.  Companies of all sizes are trying to figure out how to leverage social media to engage their customers, promote their products or services and develop sales leads.

Our consulting services focus on helping small businesses and accounting firms uderstand social media.  We can help with social media assessments, developing plans and policies, training and the management of your social media activities. 


"You did a great job on this training and I learned a TON!"

Sandra Wiley, Shareholder and COO at Boomer Consulting, Inc.

"Barry has in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn and taught me much more than the basics.  I learned something new in every session that I was able to apply immediately."

Lisa Dunnigan, Principal, CIO at Olsen Thielen & Co., Ltd.

"Barry's LinkedIn training course provides valuable insight to the practical use of this amazing social media platform.  Not only does his training provide detailed insutructions and case studies to learn from, but it brings a down-to-earth understanding of the day-to-day use of LinkedIn.  I highly recommend you take this course as soon as you can!"   

Mike Johnson, CPA, Member at Warren Averett O'Sullivan Creel     

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